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More info about the upcoming Beer Festival.   Here is the Beer List.  

Beer                               ABV           Brewer  

Red Bull Terrier             4.8%          Barngates Brewery Ambleside

Pale                               3.3%          Barngates Brewery Ambleside

Goodhews Dry Stout     4.3%          Barngates Brewery Ambleside

Vanguard                       3.8%          Biggar, Walney

Island Pale                    4.0%          Bowness Bay,

Kendal Blonde               3.8%          Brack ‘N’ Brew

Ullswater Gold               3.2%          Brack ‘N’ Brew

Dark Ale                         5.2%         Chadwick's, Kendall

Topaz                             4.0%         Chadwick's, Kendall

Special Oatmeal Stout   4.5%         Coniston Brewing

Bluebird Bitter                3.6%         Coniston Brewing

Infinity IPA                     6.0%         Coniston Brewing

Cascadian                     4.0%         Fell Flookburgh  

Yolo                               3.7%         Fell Flookburgh  

Nectar                            4.2%         Fell Flookburgh

Viking Warrior                4.8%         Foxfield, Broughton in Furness

Irish Stout                      3.9%         Foxfield, Broughton in Furness

Azimuth                         5.8%         Hardknott

Nuclear Sunset             4.7%          Hardknott

American Pale Ale         4.5%          Hawkshead

Jennings Bitter              3.5%         Jennings Cockermouth

Cumberland Ale            4.0%         Jennings Cockermouth

Cocker Hoop                 4.6%         Jennings Cockermouth

Sneck Lifter                   5.1%         Jennings Cockermouth

Pigling Blonde               3.8%         Tarn Hows Ambleside

Old Ale                          tba            Townhouse

Call of the Cuckoo         3.5%        Ulverston

To Hell and Back           3.9%        Ulverston

Isle of Dogs                   4.5%        Watermill, Ings

Windermere Blonde      3.8%        Watermill, Ings  

Ciders                            ABV         Maker  

No Brainer                      6.0%       Cotswold Cider

Whisky Cask                   6.9%      Thistly Cross

Jaggy Thistle                  7.4%      Thistly Cross

Disco                              5.3%       Dudda's Tun Kent

Original                           7.5%       Dudda's Tun Kent

Cherry                            5.0%       Dudda's Tun Kent

Vintage                           7.2%       Cornish Orchards

Darksider                        7.0%       Lilleys Cider

Pear and Raspberry       6.8%       Lilleys Cider

Lemon and Ginger         4.0%        Lilleys Cider

Abrahalls Dry                  6.5%       Celtic Marches,


I'm sure you will find somthing to

interest your palate !! Enjoy.